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Figure 1

From: Platelet-activating factor receptor (PAF-R)-dependent pathways control tumour growth and tumour response to chemotherapy

Figure 1

Phagocytosis of apoptotic cells through PAF-R affects EAT growth. EAT cells (1 × 103 cells) were inoculated into the peritoneal cavity of BALB/c mice. Ascitis fluid was collected at different times after tumour implantation and the cell number was determined using a Neubauer chamber. (A) Animals were injected i.p. with phosphate buffered saline (PBS) or WEB2170 (5 mg/Kg) 30 min before EAT cells and daily for 6 days (n = 3-4). (B) Live or apoptotic thymocytes (6 × 106) were inoculated i.p. 2 h before implantation of EAT. WEB2170 (5 mg/Kg) was given i.p. 30 min before the thymocytes. Cell number was determined 5 days after tumour implantation (n = 17-21). Data represent the mean ± SEM of the number of EAT cells. Statistical analyses were performed using ANOVA and SNK (Student Neumans-Keuls test) and differences were considered significant at p < 0.05. (*) p < 0.05 compared to control groups.

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