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Table 2 Details of candidate reference genes and their amplification efficiencies

From: MicroRNA expression profiling to identify and validate reference genes for relative quantification in colorectal cancer

Name Length (nt) RNA species Accession number Function E (%)
let-7a 22 miRNA MI0000060* Negatively regulates RAS oncogene [37] 100.0
miR-16 22 miRNA MI0000070* Negatively regulates B-cell lymphoma mRNA in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia [38] 100.0
miR-26a 22 miRNA MI0000083* Involved in myogenesis and osteogenic differentiation [39, 40] 99.8
miR-345 22 miRNA MI0000825* Overexpressed in malignant mesothelioma [41] 100.8
miR-425 22 miRNA MI0001448* No functionally verified targets 101.2
miR-454 22 miRNA MI0003820* No functionally verified targets 101.8
RNU48 63 snoRNA NR_002745** Guides the 2'O-ribose methylation of 28S rRNA [42] 100.0
Z30 97 snoRNA AJ007733** Guides the methylation of the Am47 residue in U6 snoRNA [43] 99.4
  1. *mirBase database accession number **Entrez gene ID
  2. rRNA, ribosomal RNA; snoRNA, small nucleolar RNA; E, amplification efficiency.