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Figure 1

From: The RNA binding protein HuR differentially regulates unique subsets of mRNAs in estrogen receptor negative and estrogen receptor positive breast cancer

Figure 1

Immunoprecipitation and RIP in MB-231 and MCF-7 breast cancer cells. Immunoprecipitations were performed from MB-231 or MCF-7 cell lysates using anti-HuR monoclonal antibody (3A2) and IgG1 isotype control. A. IP Western of HuR revealed expected size band as detected by 3A2. Panel on right reveals amounts of HuR in lysates used from both cell lines. B. Verification by quantitative RT-PCR showed fifteen and eleven fold enrichments of B-ACTIN, a known HuR target, in the 3A2 IPs from MB231 and MCF-7, respectively. All ΔΔCT values were normalized to GAPDH. Experiments were done in duplicate (n = 2).

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