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Figure 2

From: In vitro and in vivo anticancer properties of a Calcarea carbonica derivative complex (M8) treatment in a murine melanoma model

Figure 2

In vitro treatment of B16F10 cells. Untreated cells (Ctr. B16F10+), vehicle treated cells (V) and M8 treated cells (M8), respectively. Scanning electron micrographs (SEM) of invasion assay on fibronectin/matrigel-coated transwell inserts with 8 μm pores. Original micrographs were analyzed by ImageJ software and the total area of 8 μm pores was evaluated in pixels (Px). Black density of pores is directly proportional to matrigel wall degradation by B16F10 cells. ImageJ analysis of pores shows the loss of adhesion of B16F10 cells, accompanied by a decrease in cell number on the matrigel substrate, as well as the permanence of non-degraded matrigel obstructing the pores in the cells treated with M8, diminishing the number of exposed pores.

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