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Figure 3

From: The expression of TRMT2A, a novel cell cycle regulated protein, identifies a subset of breast cancer patients with HER2 over-expression that are at an increased risk of recurrence

Figure 3

Western blot staining with anti-TRMT2A antibodies. a. Monoclonal antibody (S0722) directed at TRMT2A recognizes 38 Kd bands in five cell lines. b. Affinity purified polyclonal antibody (s0728) directed at a different, non-overlapping peptide in TRMT2A compared to the monoclonal also recognizes a 38 Kd band in the same cell lines. c. Polyclonal antibody to the same peptide as used to generate the monoclonal (s0545) stains only recombinant produced TRMT2A and not other recombinant proteins.

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