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  1. Research article

    Distinct immunophenotypes and prognostic factors in renal cell carcinoma with sarcomatoid differentiation: a systematic study of 19 immunohistochemical markers in 42 cases

    Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) with sarcomatoid differentiation is a relatively rare tumor containing both carcinoma and sarcomatoid components. However, there has not been a systemic study on immunophenotypes of ...

    Wenjuan Yu, Yuewei Wang, Yanxia Jiang, Wei Zhang and Yujun Li

    BMC Cancer 2017 17:293

    Published on: 27 April 2017

  2. Research article

    MiR-23b controls ALDH1A1 expression in cervical cancer stem cells

    Cancer stem cells has been widely investigated due to its essential role in cancer progression and drug resistance. Here, we try to find a new therapeutic target for cervical cancer stem cells.

    Weiwen Wang, Yang Li, Na Liu, Yu Gao and Long Li

    BMC Cancer 2017 17:292

    Published on: 27 April 2017

  3. Research article

    Potential of extravasated platelet aggregation as a surrogate marker for overall survival in patients with advanced gastric cancer treated with preoperative docetaxel, cisplatin and S-1: a retrospective observational study

    The theory of extravasated platelet aggregation in cancer lesions was recently introduced. We investigated the association of platelet aggregation in gastric cancer stroma with clinicopathological features, ch...

    Hiroto Saito, Sachio Fushida, Tomoharu Miyashita, Katsunobu Oyama, Takahisa Yamaguchi, Tomoya Tsukada, Jun Kinoshita, Hidehiro Tajima, Itasu Ninomiya and Tetsuo Ohta

    BMC Cancer 2017 17:294

    Published on: 27 April 2017

  4. Study protocol

    A mobile application of breast cancer e-support program versus routine Care in the treatment of Chinese women with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

    Women with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy suffer from a number of symptoms and report receiving inadequate support from health care professionals. Innovative and easily accessible interventions are lack...

    Jiemin Zhu, Lyn Ebert, Xiangyu Liu and Sally Wai-Chi Chan

    BMC Cancer 2017 17:291

    Published on: 26 April 2017

  5. Research article

    Observation of Zn-photoprotoporphyrin red Autofluorescence in human bronchial cancer using color-fluorescence endoscopy

    We observed red autofluorescence emanating from bronchial cancer lesions using a sensitive color-fluorescence endoscopy system. We investigated to clarify the origin of the red autofluorescence.

    Yoshinobu Ohsaki, Takaaki Sasaki, Satoshi Endo, Masahiro Kitada, Shunsuke Okumura, Noriko Hirai, Yoshihiro Kazebayashi, Eri Toyoshima, Yasushi Yamamoto, Kaneyoshi Takeyama, Susumu Nakajima and Isao Sakata

    BMC Cancer 2017 17:289

    Published on: 26 April 2017

  6. Research article

    Effect of genetic variants and traits related to glucose metabolism and their interaction with obesity on breast and colorectal cancer risk among postmenopausal women

    Impaired glucose metabolism–related genetic variants and traits likely interact with obesity and related lifestyle factors, influencing postmenopausal breast and colorectal cancer (CRC), but their interconnect...

    Su Yon Jung, Eric M. Sobel, Jeanette C. Papp and Zuo-Feng Zhang

    BMC Cancer 2017 17:290

    Published on: 26 April 2017

  7. Research article

    The safety and efficacy of percutaneous intraductal radiofrequency ablation in unresectable malignant biliary obstruction: A single-institution experience

    Patients with unresectable malignant biliary obstruction have limited life expectancy because of limited stent patency and tumor progression. The aim of our study was to retrospectively evaluate the safety and...

    Wei Cui, Wenzhe Fan, Mingjian Lu, Yingqiang Zhang, Wang Yao, Jiaping Li and Yu Wang

    BMC Cancer 2017 17:288

    Published on: 24 April 2017

  8. Research article

    Is adjuvant chemotherapy necessary in pT1N1 gastric cancer?

    Due to a lack of consensus on adjuvant treatments for pT1N1 gastric cancer, surgeons face a dilemma when deciding treatments for patients with pT1N1 gastric cancer after gastrectomy. The objective of this stud...

    Hyun Beak Shin, Ji Yeong An, Seung Hyoung Lee, Yoon Young Choi, Jong Won Kim, Soo Sang Sohn and Sung Hoon Noh

    BMC Cancer 2017 17:287

    Published on: 22 April 2017

  9. Research article

    Regular recreational physical activity and risk of head and neck cancer

    Although substantial evidence supports a 20–30% risk reduction of colon cancer, breast cancer, and endometrial cancer by physical activity (PA), the evidence for head and neck cancer (HNC) is limited. Three pu...

    Chen-Lin Lin, Wei-Ting Lee, Chun-Yen Ou, Jenn-Ren Hsiao, Cheng-Chih Huang, Jehn-Shyun Huang, Tung-Yiu Wong, Ken-Chung Chen, Sen-Tien Tsai, Sheen-Yie Fang, Tze-Ta Huang, Jiunn-Liang Wu, Yuan-Hua Wu, Wei-Ting Hsueh, Chia-Jui Yen, Yu-Hsuan Lai…

    BMC Cancer 2017 17:286

    Published on: 21 April 2017

  10. Study protocol

    A protocol for a cluster-randomized controlled trial of a self-help psycho-education programme to reduce diagnosis delay in women with breast cancer symptoms in Indonesia

    Breast cancer (BC) is the most frequent cancer occurring in women across the world. Its mortality rate in low-middle income countries (LMICs) is higher than in high-income countries (HICs), and in Indonesia BC...

    Hari Setyowibowo, Marit Sijbrandij, Aulia Iskandarsyah, Joke A. M. Hunfeld, Sawitri S. Sadarjoen, Dharmayanti F. Badudu, Drajat R. Suardi and Jan Passchier

    BMC Cancer 2017 17:284

    Published on: 20 April 2017

  11. Study protocol

    Imatinib treatment of poor prognosis mesenchymal-type primary colon cancer: a proof-of-concept study in the preoperative window period (ImPACCT)

    The identification of four Consensus Molecular Subtypes (CMS1–4) of colorectal cancer forms a new paradigm for the design and evaluation of subtype-directed therapeutic strategies. The most aggressive subtype ...

    I. Ubink, H. J. Bloemendal, S. G. Elias, M. A. Brink, M. P. Schwartz, Y. C. W. Holierhoek, P. M. Verheijen, A. W. Boerman, R. H. J. Mathijssen, W. W. J. de Leng, R. A. de Weger, W. M. U. van Grevenstein, M. Koopman, M. P. Lolkema, O. Kranenburg and I. H. M. Borel Rinkes

    BMC Cancer 2017 17:282

    Published on: 19 April 2017

  12. Research article

    Efficacy of irreversible EGFR-TKIs for the uncommon secondary resistant EGFR mutations L747S, D761Y, and T854A

    Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) harboring common epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) gene mutations (exon 19 deletion or exon 21 L858R) respond to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors (EGFR-TKIs). The second...

    Masato Chiba, Yosuke Togashi, Eri Bannno, Yoshihisa Kobayashi, Yu Nakamura, Hidetoshi Hayashi, Masato Terashima, Marco A. De Velasco, Kazuko Sakai, Yoshihiko Fujita, Tetsuya Mitsudomi and Kazuto Nishio

    BMC Cancer 2017 17:281

    Published on: 19 April 2017

  13. Study protocol

    Contrast-enhanced US with Perfluorobutane(Sonazoid) used as a surveillance test for Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) in Cirrhosis (SCAN): an exploratory cross-sectional study for a diagnostic trial

    Ultrasonography (US) is widely used as a standard surveillance tool for patients who are at a high risk of having hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC); however, conventional B-mode US appears to be insufficient in o...

    Ji Hoon Park, Mi-Suk Park, So Jung Lee, Woo Kyoung Jeong, Jae Young Lee, Min Jung Park, Kyunghwa Han, Chung Mo Nam, Seong Ho Park and Kyoung Ho Lee

    BMC Cancer 2017 17:279

    Published on: 18 April 2017

  14. Research article

    Prognostic significance of TRAIL-R3 and CCR-2 expression in tumor epithelial cells of patients with early breast cancer

    Tumor epithelial cells (TEpCs) and spindle-shaped stromal cells, not associated with the vasculature, of patients with early breast cancer express osteoprotegerin (OPG), tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis...

    Vivian Labovsky, Leandro Marcelo Martinez, Kevin Mauro Davies, María de Luján Calcagno, Hernán García-Rivello, Alejandra Wernicke, Leonardo Feldman, Ayelén Matas, María Belén Giorello, Francisco Raúl Borzone, Hosoon Choi, Scott C. Howard and Norma Alejandra Chasseing

    BMC Cancer 2017 17:280

    Published on: 18 April 2017

  15. Research article

    Transcriptional changes induced by bevacizumab combination therapy in responding and non-responding recurrent glioblastoma patients

    Bevacizumab combined with chemotherapy produces clinical durable response in 25–30% of recurrent glioblastoma patients. This group of patients has shown improved survival and quality of life. The aim of this s...

    Thomas Urup, Line Mærsk Staunstrup, Signe Regner Michaelsen, Kristoffer Vitting-Seerup, Marc Bennedbæk, Anders Toft, Lars Rønn Olsen, Lars Jønson, Shohreh Issazadeh-Navikas, Helle Broholm, Petra Hamerlik, Hans Skovgaard Poulsen and Ulrik Lassen

    BMC Cancer 2017 17:278

    Published on: 18 April 2017

  16. Research article

    The treatment of primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma: a two decades monocentric experience with 98 patients

    The purpose of this study is to investigate the most suitable first-line approach and the best combination treatment for primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma (PMLBCL) as they have been matter of debate fo...

    Alessandro Broccoli, Beatrice Casadei, Vittorio Stefoni, Cinzia Pellegrini, Federica Quirini, Lorenzo Tonialini, Alice Morigi, Miriam Marangon, Lisa Argnani and Pier Luigi Zinzani

    BMC Cancer 2017 17:276

    Published on: 17 April 2017

  17. Research article

    Prognostic value of pretreatment standardized uptake value of F-18-fluorodeoxyglucose PET in patients with gastric cancer: a meta-analysis

    F-18- fluorodeoxyglucose Positron emission tomography (18FDG-PET) has been widely used in clinical practice. However, the prognostic value of the pretreatment standardized uptake value (SUV) for patients with gas...

    Zhonghua Wu, Junhua Zhao, Peng Gao, Yongxi Song, Jingxu Sun, Xiaowan Chen, Bin Ma and Zhenning Wang

    BMC Cancer 2017 17:275

    Published on: 17 April 2017

  18. Research article

    Genome-wide DNA methylation measurements in prostate tissues uncovers novel prostate cancer diagnostic biomarkers and transcription factor binding patterns

    Current diagnostic tools for prostate cancer lack specificity and sensitivity for detecting very early lesions. DNA methylation is a stable genomic modification that is detectable in peripheral patient fluids ...

    Marie K. Kirby, Ryne C. Ramaker, Brian S. Roberts, Brittany N. Lasseigne, David S. Gunther, Todd C. Burwell, Nicholas S. Davis, Zulfiqar G. Gulzar, Devin M. Absher, Sara J. Cooper, James D. Brooks and Richard M. Myers

    BMC Cancer 2017 17:273

    Published on: 17 April 2017

  19. Research article

    Appraising the holistic value of Lenvatinib for radio-iodine refractory differentiated thyroid cancer: A multi-country study applying pragmatic MCDA

    The objective of the study was to reveal through pragmatic MCDA (EVIDEM) the contribution of a broad range of criteria to the value of the orphan drug lenvatinib for radioiodine refractory differentiated thyro...

    Monika Wagner, Hanane Khoury, Liga Bennetts, Patrizia Berto, Jenifer Ehreth, Xavier Badia and Mireille Goetghebeur

    BMC Cancer 2017 17:272

    Published on: 17 April 2017

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