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Pancreatic cancer circulating tumour cells express a cell motility gene signature that predicts survival after surgery

  • Gregory Sergeant1,
  • Rudy van Eijsden2,
  • Tania Roskams3,
  • Victor Van Duppen4 and
  • Baki Topal1Email author
BMC Cancer201212:527

DOI: 10.1186/1471-2407-12-527

Received: 16 July 2012

Accepted: 8 November 2012

Published: 16 November 2012

Authors’ Affiliations

Department of Abdominal Surgery, University Hospitals Leuven
VIB Nucleomics Core, KU Leuven
Department of Pathology, University Hospitals Leuven
Laboratory of Experimental Hematology, KU Leuven